Securexperts Limited is located in Limassol. Its main business is the supply and installation of security systems. 

Securexperts Limited OBJECTIVES are:

  • The offer of completed and latest technology professional solutions
  • The continuous growth and enrichment of the range of its products.
  • Responsible and experienced personnel for installation, maintenance but also the complete service of its customers.
  • Reasonable prices with different options according to customer needs. 

Securexperts Limited PRODUCTS are:

  • Alarm Systems, Radars, Sirens
  • Smoke - Gas and Flood Detectors, Glass Brake
  • C.C.TV (Closed Circuits Television), Cameras (indoor and outdoor coloured cameras, dome, speed dome, controllers, zoom & IP cameras)
  • D.V.R (Digital Video Recorders), PC Video Capture Cards,
  • Quad & switcher
  • Units of checked access (access controls) and peripherals.

All these carefully selected products offer safety and certainty for each enterprise and private individual that wants to protect his family and his assets.

The combination of high quality services, as well as the high technology and aesthetics products, provide the possibility of giving advices but also solutions from the simplest up to the most complicated needs.

All mentioned above, render Securexperts Limited confident as well as capable, to deal with all your possible needs.

We thank you in advance.